«Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.»
(«Казахстан Петрокемикал Индастриз Инк.»)
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A reporting meeting of the Chairman of the Board of KPI took place

5 March
A reporting meeting of the Chairman of the Board of KPI took place
Chairman of the Board – Chief Executive Officer of “Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.” LLP Daniyar Tiyessov reported to the employees. The Chairman of the Board reported on the work done for 2023 and shared plans for this year.

The main purpose of the meeting is to inform workers about the results of production, economic, personnel and social activities. At the meeting, senior staff answered questions from employees. First of all, the chairman of the board focused on safety and labor protection indicators. In 2023, in order to prevent occupational injuries and improve the level of occupational safety culture, the Korgau project was introduced, which helps to timely identify and eliminate hazardous factors. From 2024, all employees, regardless of specialty and position, are required to fill out a “Korgau” card.
- No industrial injuries, occupational diseases or traffic accidents have been registered at the contracting institutions of “KPI Inc.” LLP and at the company itself. Behind all this is the united work of the team, and work in this direction will continue,” said Daniyar Tiyessov.
The “Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.” LLP last year mastered 7 grades of polypropylene, in demand in the country and around the world. This year it is planned to increase the number of branded assortments to 12 grades.
- At the end of 2023, 58 companies became our clients within the country, respectively, imports decreased by 45% over the year. It is safe to say that the launch of our plant has increased the availability of polymer raw materials for industry and the population. We must further reduce the rate of import dependence and timely develop planned new grades so that our country and abroad increase the consumption of polypropylene. In addition, we must implement development programs together with processors - he said.
The KPI company has a social support program for comfortable work of employees. This includes the purchase of school supplies for the children of employees, assistance to employees with children with disabilities and other types of assistance. Since 2024, the plant began registering all family members under the voluntary health insurance program. Due to the increase in the minimum wage to 85,000 tenge, the amount of compensation for the birth of a child, kindergarten and school fees has been increased.
- The Partnership conducts a quarterly study of the social stability rating in order to assess the well-being of the team. Based on the results of the 3rd quarter of 2023, the rating was 78%. The figure increased by 5% compared to 2022. In 2024, we plan to increase the rating to 85% - said Daniyar Tiyessov.
From November 8, 2023m the KPI selected 11 areas of the UN Sustainable Development Program. For each area, a work flow chart has been developed and approved to enable the implementation of the project. In addition, since August 1, the company has been implementing a program to improve internal service. The goal of the program is to improve internal communications between departments and employees, create a corporate culture, and increase responsibility in the performance of their functional duties.
Chairman of the Board Daniyar Tiyessov noted that in July last year the company signed a memorandum on personnel training with the Makat Oil and Gas Technological College, within the framework of which a dual system of student education was introduced in September, a selection was carried out among 10 students, based on the results of the selection, 2 students were accepted for this program.
- Through dual training, we want to combine students’ theoretical knowledge with practice and prepare qualified personnel in the petrochemical sector. If students show good results, we want to employ them in our company. In addition, joint work is underway with the Atyrau Oil and Gas University.
At the end of the meeting, the chairman of the board noted that this year the company and the team are primarily facing the goal of stabilizing production and passing performance guarantee tests. He noted that achieving production targets, preventing accidents, maintaining the social status of the team at a normal level, expanding the geography of polypropylene supplies and increasing exports are also among the main plans for this year.
At the meeting, the company’s trade union organization also reported on the work done for 2023.