«Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.»
(«Казахстан Петрокемикал Индастриз Инк.»)
Limited Liability Partnership
Petrochemical Complex
Propane supplier


629 000 tons / annum
(10 500 railway cars per annum)

Propane dehydrogenation unit

Propane processing:
CATOFIN technology

503 000 tons / year

СН3-СН2-СН3 → СН3-СН=СН2+Н2

Propylene polymerization unit

Propylene processing:
NOVOLEN technology

500 000 tons / year

nСН3-СН=СН2 → (– СН3-СН=СН –)n

Production distribution

Product packaging capacity: 1500-1800 tons / day


- bags (25 kg each)

- Big-bag (1 ton)

- bulk

Industrial gas production unit

Project is implemented by:
"Air Liquide Karabatan Tech Gases" LLP

Consumption: "KPI Inc." LLP:

- Nitrogen: 5000 nm3/h
- Dry compressed air: 4000 nm3/h


Project is implemented by:
Karabatan Utility Solutions LLP

Consumption: "KPI Inc." LLP:
- Electric energy: 62 MW

Water conditioning and purification unit

Project is implemented by:
Karabatan Utility Solutions LLP

Consumption "KPI Inc.":
- Demineralised water: 360 msup>3/h
- Process water: 3 m3/h
- Demineralised water: 56,37 msup>3/h
- the Purification of household sewage:35 m3/h
- Treatment of oily and storm waters: 22 m3/h
- Purification of chemically contaminated wastewater: 73  m3/h

Construction of the first petrochemical complex
Creation of a petrochemical cluster in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Production of export-oriented products with high added value
Production of polymers for diversification of industrial sectors
Process units: Licensed by CB&I Lummus
Propane Dehydrogenation Unit (PDH): CATOFIN technology
Polymerization Unit (PP): Novolen technology
Balance of plant facilities: 32 units
About company
«Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.» LLP
(“Казахстан Петрокемикал Индастриз Инк.”)

Is the operator of the project “Construction of an integrated petrochemical complex in Atyrau region (phase I - production of polypropylene)”, implemented in the territory of the special economic zone “National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark”. Created on the basis of Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 101 dated January 29, 2004

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