«Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.»
(«Казахстан Петрокемикал Индастриз Инк.»)
Limited Liability Partnership


  • Construction of the first integrated petrochemical complex in Atyrau region;
  • Operation of the Complex, including the production and sale of industrial products manufactured by the Complex;
  • Carrying out the activities necessary for, and related to engineering, design, and construction of the Complex, but not limited to, performing the functions of the customer and technical supervision under design, purchase and construction contracts for the Project, the Complex and all other related contracts;
  • Implementation of activities related to funds raising for the implementation of the Project and the Complex;
  • Implementation of activities for production and sale of industrial products produced by the Complex, including all products of gas processing and petrochemicals;
  • Any other activities not prohibited by legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.