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(«Казахстан Петрокемикал Индастриз Инк.»)
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KPI took part in the PetroPolymers PetroChemicals 2024 forum

26 February
KPI took part in the PetroPolymers PetroChemicals 2024 forum
The Petropolymers&PetroChemicals 2024 forum was held in Atyrau - the petrochemicals and polymers market in Kazakhstan, organized by Petrocouncil (Council for the Development of Strategic Partnerships in the Oil and Gas Industry of Kazakhstan).

At the event, managers and leading specialists of oil, gas and gas chemical enterprises presented their projects. Among them are KPI, QazagGaz, PetroChem, SIBUR, TatNeft, Butadiene, ANPZ Chevron, NCOC, KPO and other companies.

The Chief Engineer and production manager of the petrochemical complex, Bolat Abdualiyev, made a report on the work of the KPI’s plant.

“Our complex is fully equipped with modern equipment. Since its launch, more than 240 thousand tons of polypropylene have been produced. Today we are working to stabilize production and increase the range. Projects are also being implemented to improve the social status of employees. There are many plans for development” said Bolat Abdualiyev.

During the forum, two panel sessions were organized: tools to support the development of projects for the processing and localization of polymers in the oil and gas industry and petrochemical projects in Kazakhstan. At the meeting, issues of creating and developing a small industrial zone for polypropylene processing and new projects in the petrochemical sector were discussed.

KPI is the country's first complex for the production of polypropylene from propane. Polypropylene currently produced is supplied to the domestic market and exported. The Head of the Sales and Marketing Department of the plant, Danila Mogilevtsev, spoke about this.

“KPI has introduced 7 types of polypropylene into production, which are of high quality and in demand on the market. Thanks to this, imports in the country decreased by 45% over the year. The market demand for PP H030 GP grade is 80%. Thanks to open dialogue and joint work with manufacturers, processors, associations, and government agencies in the polymer market, import dependence can be further reduced,” he said.