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A Fire Tactical Drill was held at the city office of KPI

30 January
A Fire Tactical Drill was held at the city office of KPI
On January 29 at the city office of KPI as part of the implementation of the Industrial Safety Action Plan, as well as training of personnel actions in possible emergency situations, a fire tactical drill was organized with the participation of fire service units of the Atyrau region garrison.
According to the plan of the drill, as a result of an overvoltage in the electrical network, the electrical wiring shorted out and office equipment caught fire in the computer training complex located on the 2nd floor of the facility.  

After the fire alarm actuation, all 113 personnel were evacuated from the building within 5 minutes. The evacuation was carried out in accordance with fire safety requirements strictly along flights of stairs.
During the drill, 1 person was rescued from the 7th floor of the building using the installed fire ladder. The event took place without incident and in strict accordance with the test plot of the drill.
Based on the results of the drill, the management of the fire service of the Atyrau region gave a positive assessment to the actions of the personnel.
In total, 8 units of equipment and 47 units of fire service garrison personnel were involved in the fire tactical drill.