«Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.»
(«Казахстан Петрокемикал Индастриз Инк.»)
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KPI employees competed with their minds and intellect in the game "Kazakhsha Quiz"

25 December
KPI employees competed with their minds and intellect in the game "Kazakhsha Quiz"
“Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc” organized an intellectual game “Kazakhsha Quiz” so that employees could take a break fr om work and everyday routine and think in an interesting and fun environment. 11 teams took part in the game. Invited as a special guest to the event, the head of the labor union, Abdulla Gabbassov, and the Head of the HR Service, Nurly Khabiyeva, wished all participants good luck, and expressed gratitude to the head of the Service for Acceptance of Design and As-built Documentation, Yernazar Kulnazarov, for organizing the event. This is the second Quiz among the company's employees.

“Quiz is a very interesting game. This is the place wh ere you think, turn on logic and knowledge. I am myself and my friends put together a team and play in the city league. A few months ago, during a discussion with colleagues, we thought, “why not run this game among KPI employees?” "The management supported it right away. To be honest, organizing such an event is not easy. But when you see the desire and interest of your colleagues, you forget about everything," he says.

During the game, employees held an auction of books and handmade paintings, the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Participants in each round answered test, illustrated, complex and thematic, media questions. As a result of the game, the “12:40” team, formed by young PP Production operators, took first place for the second time, and the second place was taken by the team “Unstoppable”. Third place went to the team “Billy Milligan”.

In addition, the organizers awarded nominations for the most creative name, and the distinguished teams were awarded additional prizes.