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On the platform of the Ministry of Industry and Construction held a meeting

13 September
On the platform of the Ministry of Industry and Construction held a meeting
On 11 September the Ministry of Industry and Construction held a regular meeting on the issue of import substitution of paper bags for cement, gypsum and construction mixtures for polypropylene valve and box bags.
The meeting was attended by major domestic and foreign manufacturers of cement (HeidelbergCement, Jambyl Cement, Karcement and others), gypsum and dry construction mixtures (Knauf, Alina Group, Zhambylgips), and manufacturers of polymer packaging solutions (EKC, Novopek, Neftekhim).
The main topic of discussion was the advantages of polymer packaging over traditional paper packaging in terms of environmental friendliness.
KPI Company shared the facts of eco-friendliness of polymer packaging on the example of research of the Austrian company Starlinger (equipment for production of valve and box bags), showing how much less harm to the environment is caused by production and use of valve and box bags made of polypropylene than paper ones.
The parties discussed the economic feasibility of transition to packaging made of polypropylene, and the importance of "closing" the entire production cycle of large, small and medium-sized businesses in the country, voiced in the annual Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
As a result of the meeting, several cement and gypsum and construction mixtures producers expressed their readiness to start immediate testing of polypropylene valve and box bags, in addition to other consumers who have already opted for modern polymer packaging solutions.