«Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.»
(«Казахстан Петрокемикал Индастриз Инк.»)
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Safety, labor and environmental protection

Safety, labor and environmental protection

Safety and labour protection

In accordance with the Policy in the field of quality, safety and environmental protection, one of the main goals of “KPI Inc.” LLP is to ensure the safety and labour protection of workers. In this regard, “KPI Inc.” LLP strongly promotes and propagandize:

  • The priority of the value of life and human health in relation to the results of production activities;
  • Involvement and training of managers at all levels on safety and labour protection;
  • Personal responsibility of employees for compliance with safety requirements;
  • Creating a positive safety culture to prevent incidents and occurrences;
  • Effective communication between all stakeholders;
  • Safe work and correction of unsafe behavior.

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regulatory legal acts, “KPI Inc.” LLP carries out the following activities and work in the field of safety and labour protection:

  • The Department of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection carries out internal control over compliance with safety and labour protection requirements.
  • The documentation in the field of labor safety and protection has been developed and approved: Policies, instructions, rules, procedures, golden rules, hazard identification and risk assessment, etc.
  • Training, briefings and testing of knowledge on safety and labour protection are carried out.
  • Workers are provided with protective clothing, special footwear and other personal protective equipment in accordance with the standards.
  • A security behavioural observation system has been introduced. Responsible employees conduct behavioral safety observations in accordance with the approved schedule.
  • An obligatory accident insurance contract is concluded for employees in the performance of their labor (official) duties.
  • Workers are provided with free medical services under medical services/health insurance contracts.
  • Annual medical examinations of employees (subject to such examinations) are carried out.
  • The root causes of incidents and occurrences are analyzed. Measures to prevent them are being developed.

Golden rules of “KPI Inc.” LLP

“Golden Rules of “KPI Inc.” LLP” were approved by the decision of the Management Board of “KPI Inc.” LLP.

“Golden Rules of “KPI Inc.” LLP” are the key requirements for safe work performance, developed on the basis of international best practices in the field of safety and labour protection of leading oil and gas companies.

The “Golden Rules” fully comply with the established requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Standards in the field of safety and labour protection. The “Golden Rules” do not abolish compliance with the basic safety rules for the production of various types of work, but are in addition to them.

All employees of “KPI Inc.” LLP must by personal example, demonstrate commitment to occupational safety, industrial and fire safety issues.