Project “Construction of the integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region” has been developed under the Government’s program for development of the petrochemical industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The project aims to use the available quantities of gas from Tengiz and Kashagan oil fields, as the feedstock for the petrochemical complex to produce petrochemical products with high added value for subsequent sales on the domestic and export markets. Construction of the Complex is the first step to create a petrochemical cluster in the region followed by obtaining industry high-basic products.

The Project provides for the following tasks:

- in western Kazakhstan to create petrochemical cluster, which will be a new stage in the development of the national economy;

- further processing of hydrocarbons will enable more efficient use of raw materials;

- polymer production will make a significant contribution to the diversification of industries;

- production of export products of deep processing will change the orientation of export of raw materials with increase in the share of manufacturing sectors;

Using the propane as feedstock, gas and chemical complex will be produce polypropylene. Polypropylene is used as a material to produce films (especially packaging), containers, tubes, parts of technical equipment, household items, non-woven materials and others; insulating material, in construction for vibration-and noise-insulation of intermediate floors in the systems "floating floor ".