• 06.12.2017, 13:50

  • Пресс-анонс

    26.09.2016, 10:12

  • Holding of a Tender on Training in High-Demand Specialties

    15.06.2016, 10:52

    The tender on payment of training in high-demand specialties to be held by Kazenergy Association since July 10 to August 30, 2016. Detailed information is posted on the official site of Kazenergy Association.

  • 24.09.2014, 12:15

  • 12.09.2014, 9:52

  • Regarding Public Hearings on the ESIA

    19.08.2014, 12:25

    Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.” LLP («Казахстан Петрокемикал Индастриз Инк.») within the international environmental, social and health impact assessments informs about ESIA discussion with interested parties on September 2, 2014 at 16.00 p.m. address: Atyrau, Azattyk Ave., 1, AIOG building , conference room, 5th floor. You can read a full package of documentation by reference. For all questions, please contact by phone 30-65-89, 30-63-58

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan

    29.07.2014, 15:00

    "Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc." LLP within the international environmental, social and health impact assessment provides the Stakeholder Engagement Plan in accordance with investors requirements which can be downloaded in the appendix for acquaintance.

  • Project status

    19.03.2014, 16:11

    News/Project status To date received a positive conclusion of the State expertise for the project "Construction of the integrated petrochemical complex in Atyrau region". Continue the construction of infrastructure of the integrated petrochemical complex.

  • Results of ecological inspection

    06.12.2013, 11:07

    According to results of the planned inspection performed by the state ecological inspectors of Atryrau regional Ecology Department on compliance with ecological legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan during Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc. LLP activity since 1.01.2012 to 4.12.2013 no violations of environment detected.

  • 26.07.2013, 11:48

  • Changeover to electronic procurement by "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC Group of companies

    15.04.2013, 10:30

    Within the framework of changeover to electronic procurement by "Samruk-Kazyna" JSC Group of companies (www.tender.sk.kz), «Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.» (Казахстан Петрокемикал Индастриз Инк.) LLC hereby informs potential suppliers of the following...

  • 25.10.2012, 14:11